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QA's Regarding DMS 640 Validation and EOB - added 6.29.17

Review Portal Document-Uploading Instructions - added 6.29.17


Representatives of ArkSHA, AROTA and ArPTA met with AFMC and DDS this afternoon (Monday, June 26) in an effort to acquire specific information for providers regarding the process for DMS-640 Validation and AFMC Extension of Benefits/Prior Authorization. AFMC provided the attached descriptions for each process. Regarding the DMS-640 Validation process, please note the following IMPORTANT information prior to sending in your prescriptions:[READ MORE]

Important Files to Review


Changes to Therapy beginning July 1, 2017


Important Notice Regarding Medicaid Payments


Proposed Medicaid Rule Change for Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy
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ArkSHA would like to offer the opportunity for any student to be a member of ArkSHA without financial concern.  Please consider sponsorsoring 1-4 student memberships by making a donation of $25-$100.  Use this online form to make your donation.  You may also select if you wish it to apply to students from a specific program/university. Thank you for supporting our goal to grow ArkSHA's student membership!

Association Deadlines:

ArkSHA Poster Ambassador- July 15th

Each year, ArkSHA selects one child and one adult poster ambassador to represent the dedicated work our professionals do to make a difference in the lives of these individuals and their families. The Nominations and Elections committee encourages you to submit nominations of clients or students that should be recognized for this distinguished honor. You may consider someone who has made significant gains in therapy, someone who has overcome insurmountable odds, or someone who is irresistible, charming, full of charisma and adorable. Be sure to fill out the Nomination form, here, and submit with a summary of why this person should be selected as ArkSHA’s Poster Ambassador and a picture of the nominee, if available.  Click HERE for more information

ArkSHA Honors & Awards- July 15th

Arkansas has the best of the best! Please ‘spotlight’ a colleague/mentor/professional in the fields of speech-language pathology or audiology by submitting a nomination for honors and awards. Please submit the awards nomination form, which can be found here, indicating which award you are making a submission for. Click HERE for more information