2020 President's Message

Rachel Glade, PhD, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT


from 3rd quarter newsletter

Hello Magnificent Members!

As always ArkSHA has been hard at work advocating, collaborating, and networking for members, professionals in the field, and the families we serve. We want to take a minute to highlight the recent work of ArkSHA as well as tell everyone how amazing our 2020 ArkSHA Convention is going to be. Before we get to that, we want to say, “THANK YOU! We are proud of you!”

Oftentimes being an audiologist or speech-language pathologist can be a thankless job. We want you to know we see you and are supporting you. We are proud of the school-based SLPs and educational audiologists who are putting in countless additional hours to make sure IEPs and 504s are addressed during the pandemic. We are proud of the audiologists and SLPs working with individuals in the geriatric population in medical and rehabilitation settings who have had to get creative and advocate for evaluation and intervention services during this time. We are proud of the SLPs and audiologists working in the early intervention settings who have had to spend extra hours brainstorming how to provide needed services to little ones while also educating families. We are proud of all SLPs and audiologists who have faced the challenges presented by COVID-19 and responded with an ever-present commitment to make sure the people that need us most receive the services they deserve. Thank you. We are honored to call you colleagues, members and friends.

What has ArkSHA been up to lately?

(1) ArkSHA collaborated with leaders from the Arkansas Occupational Therapy Association (ArOTA) and the Arkansas Physical Therapy Association (ArPTA) to meet with representatives from Medicaid to advocate for the provision of telepractice beyond the pandemic.
(2) ArkSHA was invited to participate in the Arkansas Therapy Coalition. This is an advocacy group of state associations and groups across Arkansas who provide therapy or rehabilitation services across the lifespan. One of the goals of this coalition is to identify how we can work together to advocate for the individuals we serve through policy development.
(3) ArkSHA has made a commitment to consistently collaborate with ABESPA and plans to have a representative at ABESPA meetings to facilitate continuity of information provision to members.
(4) ArkSHA is working with ABESPA to advocate for reimbursement for SLPs with provisional licenses.
(5) ArkSHA has continued to advocate for the removal of the IQ requirement for children over the age of 10 from the Medicaid manual.
(6) At the 2020 ArkSHA Business Meeting in September, ArkSHA announced its “Gift-to-Grad” program. This program will allow graduate students who have been ArkSHA members for 2 years to receive their first year of professional membership FREE! Students graduating in 2021 who have been a graduate student member for 1 year are also eligible for this opportunity.

Lastly, ArkSHA is planning one of the best state association conventions in the country! This year, the 2020 ArkSHA Convention is going VIRTUAL! Course recordings will be available for 30 days after the convention and it is going to be possible to earn over 40 hours of ASHA CEUs! COVID kicked us a curveball, but we will not be deterred! We made a quick pivot (or two or three) and after countless hours by ArkSHA’s management and the Convention Committee led by Aletha Cook of Springdale Public Schools, this convention promises to be nothing short of amazing. The registration link is now available on the website.

As always, please continue to stay connected with us on social media and encourage your colleagues, communities, and families to get connected with us too. No longer is it a requirement to be an ArkSHA member to get connected with us on social media. We want to share the great work of our association, members, and professions with as many people as possible.

I continue to be incredibly impressed, humbled, and motivated by the amazing members of ArkSHA. It is our commitment to continue to work hard to advocate for you and those you serve.

Wishing you and those you serve all the best,
Rachel Glade, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT
ArkSHA 2020 President



from 1st quarter newsletter

 Hello Awesome Aw-Inspiring ArkSHA Members!
We are eager to share all the wonderful things ArkSHA has been working on during the past few months. We have continued to share content and make connections on our social media outlets. Our Facebook page is reaching more than ever before with almost 750 followers! We published ArkSHA’s Advocacy Priorities in January and have been adding content to the ArkSHA website, including “members only” sections with access to specialized content and our newly designed ArkSHA website. 
You provided us excellent feedback in our member survey in 2019 and we listened. See the table below for a quick summary of action items that have been completed or are currently in progress. 
 ArkSHA Action Items
For a comprehensive list of action items in progress or completed, please review the board meeting minutes on the website. In addition to all the work listed above, your Past-President, LeeAnn Griffith has been working with legislators, lobbyists, colleagues, and state stakeholders to advocate for the Interim Study Proposal (ISP) which is a mechanism to educate school administrators on the role and responsibilities speech-language pathologists play in the school setting. Additionally, ArkSHA submitted a letter of support for ASHA’s “Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Interstate Compact (ASLP-IC)” which would allow for the practice of telehealth between states for both audiologists and speech-language pathologists.
ArkSHA just announced the date and content of our first “ArkSHA State of Affairs” online webinar that will also serve as a business meeting for our organization. Mark your calendar for April 23, 6:30pm-7:30pm. This 1-hour webinar will be open to all members and serve to catch up on current advocacy efforts as well as discuss the board’s proposal of updated bylaws. We are working to register the webinar as a professional development opportunity as well. Be sure to monitor our social media platforms for announcements. After the updated bylaws are presented during the webinar, members will be emailed the proposed bylaws and have 21 days to submit their vote in favor or opposed to the proposed changes. 
So, the next time you hear someone say, “What does ArkSHA do for me?” you might start by answering, “Let me count the ways” (and get them connected to our website and social media).
Wishing you and those you serve all the best,
Rachel Glade, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT
ArkSHA 2020 President
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