Past ArkSHA Public Schools Award Recipients

Kami Rowland received the Paula J. Gober Public School Award in 2015 for her dedication to researching treatments and strategies to meet the diverse needs of her students. As a former recipient of speech services, she relates to the struggles faced by her students and helps them achieve success in the classroom and community. Kami has developed a Peer Buddy System within Hall High School where she has worked for the past 18 years. She additionally has created student driven Social Stories to address code-switching and executive functions. Kami also promotes team teaching to meet the written expression needs of her students. Her research on the Strategic Instructional Model for Sentence Writing Strategies has improved the written expression skills of her students as noted by their performance in the classroom and on state standardized assessments. Everything Kami does is “student centered” and this comes from her ability to relate to her students and the importance to make an impact on their lives.


Carol Fleming received the 2014 Paula J. Gober Public School Award for her development of new and innovative materials/products and her role within the scope of advocacy and outreach. She has proven to be a true leader locally as well as statewide and nationally. Carol has been a strong advocate and creative problem solver who helps her students, her school district, and state as a whole. She is an advocate for the professions and individuals receiving speech/language and audiological services. She is a familiar face at the Capitol, speaking to legislators about educational issues. Carol has been instrumental in the passage of various pieces of legislation related to speech-language pathology. Chenell Loudermill was honored as the 2012 Paula J. Gober Public School Award recipient for providing exemplary services to her clients in a public school setting. She developed a new and innovative clinical program for her students called Ready Set Read to help those students who were struggling with reading.


Cindy Wofford, a supervisor within the Alma School District was honored as the 2011 Paula J. Gober Public School Award recipient. She advocates for the SLPs and communicates their importance to the district. Cindy organizes professional development opportunities, coordinates monthly meetings to ensure communication between her therapists, and plans continuing education sessions for staff within the entire district. One of her advocacy efforts was to acknowledge all SLPs who meet the criteria for national board proficiency teacher standards also receive the stipend that other district board certified teachers receive. Cindy’s efforts paid off and her colleagues began receiving that stipend this year.

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