Past Research Award Recipients

Dr. Cliff Franklin received the 2014 Research Award for his contributions to the literature in the areas of acceptance of background noise and audiometric threshold comparisons among pure, pulsed, and warble tones. He has pursued these two topics in order to help future hearing aid patients and improve our empirical understanding of our audiometric signal choices and guidelines. Dr. Franklin takes pride in working with his students, which helps to elevate them into clinicians with solid critical thinking abilities. He is also an effective mentor for students. Dr. Brian Vesley shares that “Dr. Franklin’s unique passion for research is extremely contagious to the students he instructs. His attention to detail and constant striving for perfection is paramount with his goals and research being centered around the betterment of clinicians, and the patients in which they serve”.


Dr. Richard Zraick received the 2013 Research Award for the extensive research he has conducted over the years. He encourages and mentors others to conduct research which will enhance the communications professions. Dr. Boone states that “Richard has introduced a clinical teaching style using hypothetical patients and their speech/voice behaviors that is used nationally in several university programs. He bases both his teaching and research on the clinical exposures that he experiences in the service clinics”.


Dr. Sam Atcherson received the 2011 ArkSHA Research Award for his 10 manuscripts accepted for publication and 14 articles in paper and/or electronic print that cover clinical and/or personal (hearing loss) interests including audiological issues, electrophysiologic and physiologic measurements, rehabilitation, readability/health literacy, assistive technology, auditory processing disorders, and issues relevant to the Deaf /Hard of Hearing healthcare practitioner. He is also involved in research related to the improvement of existing techniques or innovative approaches using auditory evoked potentials and auditory processing therapy techniques for patients with hearing loss, neurological suspensions, or auditory processing deficits.

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