Past Audiology Award Recipients

Dr. Sam Atcherson received the Audiology Award in 2014 for his contributions to research, provision of consultative services, and publishing books and articles in the field of audiology. Carol Fleming had this to say, “he is the epitome of dedication and devotion to his career and clients. Sam empathizes and relates on a personal level and understands the clients because he is one too”. Dr. Atcherson has over 10 manuscripts and 14 articles that have been published in paper and/or electronic print. He recently published his second book “Auditory electrophysiology: A Clinical Guide”. Dr. Atcherson works to advocate on a professional and personal level for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals. He is also the founding leader of a group of Deaf/Hard of Hearing audiologists.


Dr. Jordan King received the Audiology Award in 2013 for her distinguished clinical achievements as a cochlear implant audiologist, an educator, a supervisor/preceptor, and a clinician’s clinician in her dissemination of relevant, up-to-date, and practical information at conferences. She not only works with hearing impaired children closely at Arkansas Children’s Hospital as a cochlear implant audiologist, but also works closely with the families of the children she serves. Dr. King also teaches Implant Device Technology at UAMS, serves as supervisor/preceptor to UAMS AuD students, and presents at professional conferences. She continues to be sought after for her experience and expertise in the area of cochlear implant. Dr. King was recently asked to serve as an Advisory Board Member for one of the three cochlear implant companies in the United States. This invitation speaks well of her skills in this specialized area.

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