Celebrating excellence in the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology.

The honors and awards of the Arkansas Speech-Language-Hearing Association are intended to identify and recognize those individuals whose contributions to the professions of speech-language pathology and/or audiology in the state of Arkansas are significant, outstanding, and excellent. The ArkSHA Honors and Awards are presented annually during the ArkSHA Convention.


About the Awards: 


Honors of the Association is the highest honor the association can give and recognizes distinguished contributions to the field of communication disorders. It is limited to members of the Association.

ArkSHA Clinical Career Award - Nominees for this award should exhibit a distinguished career in speech pathology or audiology. Outstanding clinical career accomplishments over a period of 20 years or longer may include, but are not restricted to, the following:
       * Outstanding clinical achievement with a client or group of clients
       * Outstanding clinical service or training program
       * Outstanding achievement in state, or local organization or government agency activity
       * Outstanding accomplishments in clinical teaching, research, or administration Association. 


ArkSHA Public Schools Award - This award recognizes distinguished clinical service by an individual speech-language pathologist and/or audiologist in recognition of outstanding commitment and specific contribution to the delivery of speech-language pathology and/or audiology services in a school setting.


ArkSHA Award for Clinical Achievement- This award is presented to a speech-language pathologist and/or audiologist in recognition of the advancement of knowledge in clinical practice as evidenced by significant accomplishment within the past six years in speech-language and/or audiology. Nominees for this award are not limited to any particular type of clinical achievement or activity. However, the achievement must be specific, well defined, and clearly within the time limit of the most recent six years. Eligible activities or accomplishments for which an individual might receive this award include, but are not restricted to, the following examples:
       • A single achievement with a client or group of clients
       • A specific clinical service or training program
       • A specific achievement in a state or local organization or government agency activity
       • A specific accomplishment in clinical teaching, research or administration


ArkSHA Research Award - This award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the research literature related to the professions of speech pathology or audiology.


ArkSHA Audiology Award - This award recognizes distinguished service by an audiologist.

Deadline for Nominations:

Nominations are accepted year-round, with a deadline of July 31st to be considered for the current year. Those selected will be announced and recognized at the ArkSHA Annual Convention, typically held in October.  

Nominations Requirements:

Nominations must include the following information:

  1. The online nomination form (with a statement of nomination in 3 sentences or less).
  2. Photo of Nominee
  3. REQUIRED: Narrative text that provides the rationale for why this individual is being nominated. Consider the following points for the narrative text:
    1. Identification and description of the outstanding clinical or research achievement.
    2. Information on when and where the specific achievement took place
    3. Description of the significance of the achievement
    4. Explanation of how the nominee's actions have advanced knowledge in the area of clinical, practical, or research.
    5. Explanation of the nominee's role in the achievement
  4. OPTIONAL: Supporting letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with the nominees' works.

The requested supporting documents may be uploaded in PDF format of 1 combined file when filling out the nomination form, or emailed to arksha@arksha.org




Past Award Recipients

Past Clinical Career Award Recipients

2019  Beckie Weaver
2018  Greg Robinson
2017  Dixie Branscum
2016  Debbie Ware
2015  Danial Tullos
2013  Patricia (Pat) Highley
2009  Sharon Ross
2006  Richard (Rick) A. Neeley
2005  Jane H. LeBlanc
2003  James V. Rippy
2002  Betty Fusilier
2001  Debra Beckman
2000  Robin Herrod
1999  Mike Winston
1998  Mary Lynn Steelman
1997  Jim Thurman
1996  Terri Hutton
1995  Elaine McNiece
1994  James Montague
1994  Kathleen Wesson
1993  Barbara Shadden
1992  Shirley Pine
1991  Glenda Josephson
1989  Jane LeBlanc
1988  Joanna Davis
1987  Evelyn Albritten

Past Award of Clinical Achievement Recipients

2019  Elizabeth Cleveland
2014  Krista Scruggs
2011  Donna F. Smiley
2009  Carol B. Fleming
2003  John Halloran
2002  Tracy Pate
2001  Cassandra Steele
2000  Suzan Bell
1999  Tom Sowell
1998  Kathy Roberts
1997  Gretchen Spring
1996  Linda Petersen
1995  Mary Ann Toner
1995  Mary Ann Toner
1993  Priscilla Davis
1992  Cindy Conner
1991  Patti Martin
1989  Kathleen Krueger
1988  Barbara Shadden
1987  Beth Eaton
1986  Sharon Graham
1985  Marcia Harding
1984  Debra Beckman
1983  Kathleen Wesson

Past Public School Award Recipients

2020  Amy Faith
2019  Vanessa Boomer
2018  Wendy Roark
2017  Michelle Donnell
2015  Kamela Rowland
2013  Carol Fleming
2012  Chenell Loudermill
2011  Cindy Wofford
2010  Linda Wall
2009  Amanda Zraick
2008  Brandi Nixon
2007  Janet Beaver
2004  Shelly Wier
2003  Susan Hickey
2002  Renee Grady
2001  LeeAnn Griffith
2000  Angie Shipman
1999  Kathryn O’Brien
1998  Jennifer Fry
1997  Becky Othold Del Rio
1996  Aleecia Starkey
1995  Suzan Bell
1994  Rhonda Kelley
1993  Marcia Harding
1992  Jane Willard
1991  Dixie Branscum
1990  Charlotte Frith

Past Research Recipients

2018  Kimberly Frazier
2013  Richard Zraick
2011  Samuel Atcherson
2010  Dee Lance
2004  Nannette Nicholson
2003  Gary McCullough
2002  John Dornhoffer, M.D.
2000  Richard Zraick
1999  Patricia K. Monoson
1998  Robert Logan
1997  James Montague
1996  Sharon Graham


Past Audiology Recipients

2014  Samuel Atcherson
2013  Jordan King
2008  Lisa Christensen
2007  Becky Del Rio
2006  Donna Fisher Smiley
2004  Donna Fisher Smiley
2003  Grover Hutson
2002  Lynne Raney Hill
2001  Laura Smith-Olinde
2000  Jennifer Wedgeworth
1999  Cathy Henderson
1998  Jane LeBlanc
1997  Ann Hedges
1996  Patti Martin 

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