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ArkSHA serves to advance the professions of speech pathology and audiology through a commitment to advocacy, increased public awareness, and ongoing professional development. This mission and commitment requires a large group of dedicated professionals. There is indeed strength in numbers!


  • ArkSHA membership covers the calendar year, January 1st -December 31st
  • If you paid your dues at the time of the convention in order to get the reduced member rate, your membership expired December 31st
  • DEADLINE to avoid $10 late fee: February 15 

STUDENTS: The new Gift-to-Grad Program (established beginning with 2021 renewals) allows you to renew your first year as an active member for FREE. You must have been a student member for 2 years prior to renewal for active membership. Current student members (2020) who graduated in 2020 and will be renewing in 2021 as an active member will be 'grandfathered' into the program and will only need to be a member for 1 full year (2020). [use this form to renew]

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ArkSHA inAction

  • Monitoring issues related to third party reimbursement.
  • Advocating for improved services to people with disabilities.
  • Developing joint committees between ArkSHA and other agencies to address issues of mutual concern.
  • Establishing a network for disseminating information regarding position vacancies in public schools and other settings.
  • Lobbying to improve the standards that affect services and reimbursement.
  • Forming ad hoc committees to address timely issues that affect the delivery of quality services.
  • Development of association position statements that concern the membership.
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